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Welcome to the REMEDY for IT, the blog about BMC Remedy, ITSM and Project Management. Here I share my knowledge, experience and though, to newbies and experienced users. Have a look and comment.!
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Remedy topics
Best Practices Best Practices
Manuals explain you all the options you have, but normally no one tells you which is the best option.
Developing solutions Developing solutions
Here you can find developing tricks or best practices. Do you know how to do it?
Customizations Customizations
Some ideas about how you can enhance BMC Remedy ITSM Suite with your own customizations
ITSM Config ITSM Config
Taking the most of your investment in the BMC Remedy ITSM suite.
Database Database
Every action at your AR Server goes directly to your database. Here I share some unsupported tricks regarding the database.
Newbies Newbies
Are you new on Remedy? Do you want some useful information for your hard start? This is where to start!
Remedy comments Remedy comments
My opinion about anything related to BMC Remedy. Independent, without complexes and merciless.
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Only the best of the best. Here you can find the most visited and commented articles.
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Hot news about Remedy, ITSM or anything related to this post. Events, companies, ... everything!
How do you organize your support layers? What are the best practices for SLA definition? Service Manager, this is your topic!
Project Management Project Management
Remedy projects can be among the most complex deployment projects you can find. It doesn't matter if you are not related to Remedy, here I share my thoughts about Project Management, in general.
My comments My comments
My opinion is not restricted to BMC. I have something to say about a lot of other things.
Latest Posts

BMC Video about Remedy ITSM 8.0

I want to share will you a video published by BMC at YouTube where Peter Adams (Lead Product Manager) gives an overview fo the enhancements in the BMC Remedy ITSM 8.0 release. For those who are still on 7.X versions, it is very recommendable to watch. Read more

Major Incidents | Designing the Priority

When deploying a new ITSM tool (Remedy or other) one of the aspects to design is the way the priority is determined. At first sight it seems an easy aspect. But a deeper analysis reveals that it’s a key factor for the success of the incident management process and normally doesn’t receive the deserved attention.

In this post I will provide a guide to determine the priority for any ITSM tool. Read more

Remedy and the boolean fields

The first day I started to learn about Remedy’s development I noticed the lack of a very important type of field, the boolean field. As any Remedy developer knows, there is no boolean field on Remedy. So we must use other types of field to emulate the boolean functionality.

In this post I will cover the boolean field concept and provide some best practices over ARS. Read more

Introducing $LastID$, a false friend

Sometimes you need to create a request, and retrieve its ID to continue the processing. On those situations, the $LASTID$ keyword is your best ally. But, it can became your worst enemy when after a minimum change, everything hangs and your code starts malfunctioning.

In this post I will cover the risk of using the $LASTID$ keyword on your developments. Read more

I will be back

Hi readers! No new posts since half a year ago. Lot’s of work and new reposibilities assumed. A new service to manage, involved in some new amazing projects and new ambitious Remedy developments. But, I wan’t to return to the community, return to ARS List, and return writing at the blog.

I’ll be back!